The Executive Committee shall consist of the President who shall be the Chairman, the First Vice-President, the Second Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and the Immediate Past President. This committee shall conduct the affairs of this Association in accordance with the By-Laws, policies, and instructions of the Board of Directors. The committee shall help to prepare, along with the Finance Committee, an annual budget and dues schedule for presentation to and approval by the Board of Directors at the regular annual meeting.

The executive committee includes:


The purpose of the Membership Committee is to work to help ensure a continuous growth in membership of the BCMHA. The objectives for this committee include planning and executing membership drives and campaigns designed to grow the BCMHA and to help current BCMHA members realize the value of their BCMHA membership. The committee’s goals are reached by constant encouragement of existing members, and to actively pursue the recruitment of new members and the retention of existing members. The Membership Committee is appointed by the current BCMHA President, and shall meet upon the call of the Chairman or Co-Chairman (who shall be the Second Vice-President).


The purpose of the Finance Committee is to provide and oversee the Association’s budgetary process by helping the Executive Committee in preparing an annual budget for consideration by the Board of Directors and monitoring income and expenses throughout the year. The Finance Committee shall be appointed by the President and shall be charged with the duties of raising adequate funds to insure the proper functioning of this Association’s activities. The Chairperson shall be duly elected Treasurer of this Association.

Programs and Education

The purpose of the Programs and Education Committee is to provide the members with informative and enlightening classes and seminars that are relevant to the multi-family housing industry. This committee shall plan meeting programs and organize and conduct all educational seminars, workshops, and various special activities of this Association. The Education Committee endeavors to achieve its goal through constant communication with the members of the Association in order to continuously update its agenda to include topics of interest. The Programs and Education Committee shall be appointed by the President and subject to approval by the Board of Directors.

BCMHA needs volunteers who can

  • Recruit new members
  • Teach classes and workshops
  • Solicit sponsors and advertisers
  • Assist with technology needs
  • Help with BCMHA’s charitable fundraising events
  • Visit local and state lawmakers
  • Promote BCMHA events and programs



The Bay County
Multi-Housing Association

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Mailing Address:
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